STUDIO is a project I born in a master class in photography I took with Keith Carter in Santa Fe during the summer of 2011. I wanted to work on a long term project in B&W. With that in mind I started photographing one of my favorite subjects, artists, in one of my favorite places - their studios. There's no better place to drink in the juice of creative energy.The seminal portrait work of Arnold Newman served as a constant muse during the project.

Eighteen months later I had a gallery of portraits of 50 visual artists in Sonoma County. Some of my choices of subjects was a bit random, some was very intentional. Ultimately this is a small, but democratic and, hopefully, representative sample of the rich diversity of artists we have in our county. The goal from the beginning was to publish the work in book form which was successfully accomplished in September 2013.

In order to broaden the context for the work I commissioned 3 essays to be written for the book. The first is by Chester Arnold, one of the artists in the book and it is about his personal experience of the meaning and importance of the studio to an artist. The second, by Jennifer Bethke who teaches art history at Sonoma State, is on portraiture as an art genre. The third essay is by Michael Schwager, who also teaches as Sonoma State and is the gallery director there - it is a survey and assessment of the regional art scene in Sonoma County.

I also have printed each image from the book as a 14" fine art print framed in a black wood 16x20" frame to allow me to share the project as a print exhibition in conjunction with the book.

All profits from sales of books and prints are being donated to supporting arts education programs in Sonoma County.

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